Friday, 4 January 2008

Malware Scanners - Good for about 10% of Threats?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
What would happen if there was no such thing as anti-virus software? What would happen is that the manufacturer who sold you the software that runs the pc’s would have to clean up their act because if they didn’t, we’d all stop buying PC’s and use something else instead.

Brand Killer Robots have conducted an extentive study over many years that reveals that current PC virus and malware scanners guard against only 10% of the potential vulnerabilities on current PC technology. Any team of innovators producing a map of the malware threat architecture and brainstorming around it, would be able to see that the currently mapped malware architecture covers only about 10% of the potential malware threats.

So what consumers think of as an effective deterrent is in fact hardly no deterrent at all.

In reality the main things that stop users from sustaining serious attacks is that they have either never become a target.

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