Thursday, 3 January 2008

Recovering from Brand loss:: Entrepreneurs who don't want to play anymore?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
As a child, they took my toys away from me - and it hurt - it really, really hurt!

So when i was old enough i decided to create the greatest toys in the world.
Then they took my toys away from me - again and again, until i didn't want any toys. I didn't want to play anymore.

But other people still wanted me to play. But ask as they might - i didn't want to play anymore.

I didn't want any more toys.
Any more loss.

But in my heart - i still wanted to play - but something was holding me back.
That something was "fear of loss".

The big question here is - "how do brand-loving-entrepreneurs recover?".
"How do entrepreneurs regain their spirit of play?"
Part of the answer is finding someone to talk to who has recovered from just this kind of loss.

Calling all - 40 something ex-ultrapreneur males out there........
no didn't think so...... You're on your own Mr Robot.

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