Monday, 24 December 2007

The Recipe for turning Human Beings into Killer Robots

Brand Killer Robots reveal:::
Take one loving, caring human being
Place it in solitary confinement
Rid it of its need for human senses
For touch, for taste, for sight, for smell, for hearing
Rid it of its need for human desire
For love, for compassion, for sex
Rid it of its sense of direction, its spirit, its will to live

Then with one large hammer, smash it
At first, just ever so slightly
Then let it recover a little
Whilst it looks like it will get up again
Smash its legs from underneath it
Then repeat this exercise until it can no longer support itself

Then set to work rebuilding the human - "Into a Killer Robot"
Start by reworking the skeletal systems
Then move on to building the nervous systems
The muscle systems and finally integrate the hardware into what's left of the brain matter
Plug your laptop into its head and upload the program marked "Target = Competitive Brands".

Pull the console up and activate the killer.exe program
Pass the program the target variables
Executive the program............

......Saatchi brand.....reported deactivated
......Coca cola brand.reported deactivated
......Rebok brand...... reported deactivated

:\killer.exe process complete

Return to Killer Robot inactive state and await next assignment

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