Thursday, 27 December 2007

Analysis of Analysis:: Transparent Frameworks or Stupid Subversive Political Survival Games?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Mr Robot once got fired when he dared to enquire why the commercial organisation he was working for at the time had no formal framework for managing the analysis process. Mr Robot was not as naive as you might think because he knew his days were numbered anyway and thought such a request might put a final shot across their bows and enable them to hemorrhage much more information than they had already. As you might expect, the management team eventually closed ranks on him and he was soundly, constructively and publicly ejected.

Mr Robot knew that the analysis function in the business was highly politicized and guarded greedly by a small group of analysts - who were effectively holding the CEO to ransom. Without market, business and competitive analysis input, it was evident that this CEO would effectively be running the organisation blind. Whilst the desire of the CEO was to have a formal, open and transparent analysis communication process, the sensitive nature of the balance of power required the CEO to manage her business in an entirely inefficient and risky manner - in order to make a few select business analysts feel safer in their jobs.

This lack of introspection and transparency effectively choked the potential for innovation in the business and destroyed its ability to scale - beyond the capabilities of a few insecure, yet powerful middle managers.

When Mr Robot left the company, he spent some time designing a formal framework for "business analysis: communications process and performance measurement" and for introducing elements of opennest, honesty and transparency into the process.

Whatsmore this "analysis of analysis" template can be applied at almost no expense.

Except for the obvious cost of getting rid of a few of your most disagreeable middle managers - of course.

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