Friday, 28 December 2007

Smart Integrity: Theorists unleash counter-systems-resiliency strategies

Brand Security Expert reveals::
As discussed on the Kent's Imperative blog, under the article "Systems of systems analysis, with zombies", we would like to draw your attention to a very important and often overlooked (perhaps less sexy) area of security intelligence, that is "systems resiliance and counter strategies". Many of us in the security business are concentrated on digging up the next exploit or security vulnerability or publishing the next exciting revelation to consider, where the real art lies in taking your knowhow and employing it in creative ways to build systems encorporating what we call "smart integrity".

Smart integrity is where the security strategist and intelligence operatives expertise really comes in to play.

Visualise this. If the world was going to come against you, how would you prepare a defense? How would you prepare to counter their reconnaisance efforts? How would you prepare for a billion lines of attack? When, how and where would you consider deploying intelligence resources?

When they do attack, how will your troop formations be styled? What strategies will you use to counter the attack? Are there other ways of manipulating the outcome, such as political, diplomatic or economic incentives you can use? Do you understand the enemies motivational characteristics, their weak points and the potential conflict points of the enemy and their allies? Do you know how to calculate and weigh the likely outcome of your moves relative to your enemy? Whatif, whatif, whatif!!!!

Smart Integrity is all about security posture management, tactical warfare and strategic communications and intelligence deployment. It is about mapping the intellect and tradecraft of the best military brains in the world, into the body of technology, to produce hydra-headed gatekeeper features which when attacked - shape-shift in formation, whilst they bite the head off the opposition, who perplexed by this smart integrity begin to atrophy, until they are nothing more than a shadow of what they were when they arrived on the battlefield.

Dumb integrity ready to be out-fought by smart integrity!

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