Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Lotus Notes:: Where IBM lost the PC Marketplace

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
In 1999 (MrRobot) was on the verge of selling IBM a strategy for the PC software marketplace that would have seen Lotus Notes blow holes in Microsoft's position in the marketplace. He knew that Notes had a feature set way beyond its years, although a great deal needed to be done under the hood to make it robust. But at the time, this feature set presented the world with "killer features", such as replication, rapid application development and fast web deployment capabilities - amongst others.

It is true Notes wasn't for the purist programmer or for the relational database thinker.
But Notes was a strategists dream and with it IBM could have created some serious disruption in the PC Software Marketplace. Problem was, IBM was missing one important attribute — strategic intent!

Had IBM repostured Lotus towards a PC Software Marketplace takeover — there would have been a lot more yellow and black on the software landscape — than Microsoft white and blue.

Poor strategy IBM."

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