Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Effective CI Analysts = Matrix Mentality + Human Subtleties

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Have you heard of the Matrix Luk Luk's? Apparently they are super natural beings with Xray eyes. Apparently they can stand outside your company and see right through the walls right into your offices, through your staff, into the computer, finally right down inside your telecommunications networks - right down into the content and context or your data. They can sense the human / computer relationships, the security posture of the organisation, the formal (or not so formal) strategic management frameworks and policies - right up to understanding the performance metrics, accounts forensics and KPI's of your organisation.

Where you and i have senses and see objects, colours and visual movement - the Luk Luk's see data, patterns, systems and formulae.

Unfortunately the Luk Luk's weak points are that whilst they are good at reading and evaluating the data that is available, they are pretty bad at using human intelligence techniques to acquire new fresh data, which could be the difference between win or lose.

So bad luck - Luk Luk's - we still need you - but you need us "Human CIA's" - much, much more.

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