Monday, 17 December 2007

Letter to an Inspirational Genius - John F. Nash (Mathematician)

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

John F. Nash, Jr.Fine Hall -- Washington Road, Princeton, NJ, 08544-1000, USA


Dear Mr Nash,

Thank you for being such an inspiration in my (Mr Robots) life. I don’t know you, but I feel that you must have “a beautiful mind”.

What you managed to do with your life was to take the path of - 'most resistance' and face it out even if it drove you to mental illness. You decided to take risks that others would never take. You decided that it wasn't enough to reach the highest standards set by one of the greatest minds that ever lived (Albert Einstein). You decided it wasn't enough to contribute works to a standard where you would be acknowledged and safe.

You decided that your own worth was less than your art and nothing was going to stop you, not even your own mental illness.

God has truly been with you in your life and for this, I thank you for being the messenger.

I thank you for never giving up on the human spirit, for “your original idea” and for “the mysterious equations of love”.

Love & Light, Nobel prize winner (John F. Nash)

Mr Robot

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