Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The CEO who had integrity: But did he?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Frank used to say very little. He'd learnt to let everyone else do the talking for him. Frank knew that the more noise you make in life, the more ripples you make around you and the more ripples - the more crap that would stick to you.

People used to say. "That Frank, you always know where you stand with him". "He's straight down the line, the kind of guy everyone wants to be".
Problem was old Frankie boy didn't care less about anyone else. Wouldn't step over them if they were lying in the street bleeding to death.

Sure Frank was a straight down the line type of guy, but not the sort of guy you'd want beside you in a fight!

Years later i heard that Frank had risen to the dizzy heights of CEO for a major property development company. It appears that Frank stayed around long enough to finally bluff his way right to the top.

I just hope that when the real bad times come to his business, that his enlightening integrity will continue to shine through!

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