Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Reptilian Minds:: Why intelligence agencies should hire video game players?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
There is a part of our brain called the "reptilian cortex" that enables human beings to react more effectively to attacks by external predators. It is this part that helped our ancestors deal with fight or flight responses to attacks by sabre tooth tigers, tyranosaurs and the like. In todays modern society this part of our brain is rarely active. Whilst we are expected to deal with ever greater complexity, which creates new forms of stress and anxiety, we rarely have need to call upon the reptilian cortex. Soliders in battles, firefighters, the Police and the like will know it only too well, but to the general public, it is less used.

In an ideal world, there is little need for citizens to have a highly developed "reptilian brain". In an ideal world we don't want our citizens to have to be responding to terrorising events and shocking scenes. In an ideal world, we want our citizens to rely on us to protect them and for them to get on with their lives, their businesses and their hopes for the future.

Problem comes when you realise that we don't live in an ideal world. In fact such a world does not exist. Never did - never will? Then what?

One ethical answer to this problem is to recruit young people into the intelligence and security services who have particularly well developed reptilian brains. Young people who have for many years been conditioned to respond to external threat. Young people who know how to deal with adversity and who each and every day solve problems associated with uncertainty. Young people who know what it is like to play victim and more importantly to undertake a predatory role.

The role playing video game - shootem-up superstars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you represent a company and you want to hire field officers, sales people and the like - look to the end of their Resume - where it says "other interests".

You never know, you just might have a world champion reptilian in your midst!

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