Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Who really holds the power in your business ---- You the CEO - or your IT department?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Ok, so you don't want to know that there is a dirty side to your business. You don't want to acknowledge that filthy stuff exists! Stuff which you have very little control over, but you heard about, but you just can't bring yourself to enquire about. Just in case the natives get restless and you end up causing more harm than good. Because you know that if you frame the question incorrectly, that you could erode trust and increase the extent of the problem many fold.

So you sweep it under the carpet, hoping that it won't come back to bite you and the company in the a*se. After all, -

you are no IT magician right!

Down in the basement where the hubs and the routers dance, live a bunch of subversives who talk in data packets about the latest Linux hack or Windows backdoor. "Models, constructs, objects, classes, hacks, cracks, scripts, protocols, useability, smoozeabilty, abuseability!"

Like demons in the darkness the subervient IT slaves bow to the IT director of the moment. "I was thinking" said the IT Director to the lead criminal. "I need to access John Reeds mailbox today". "I can't say anything more than i have had a request from above". "Ok", says the lead criminal, "i know what you mean, i'll add John's mail box to your Outlook folder immediatley".

Funily enough, Jayne the IT Director has access to all the directors email folders and all the company's files systems and all the company's business systems and network systems and marketing systems. And if she doesn't have access - she knows other people who will give her the keys for free - after all she is the IT Director!

Who really holds the power in your business - You the CEO - or your IT People?

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