Sunday, 4 November 2007

Executive Freeloaders:: Are their days numbered?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
He was an executive freeloader? How did i know? How could i substantiate such a statement. After all, he'd been a loyal servant of the company for nearly 10 years. He'd delivered against targets since the early days and had always been a standup guy. Sales were up year on year by 15% per annum and you couldn't fault the consistency of the management team for maintaining a culture of relative order.

Problem was, it was all too easy. Almost a simple process of breathing in and turning the handle slowly year on year. Harldy any risk, but hardly any bad results either. Yes, but it was a tired, shoddy, disinteresting brand - which nobody could really question - because it was seemingly doing well.

Yes, it was doing well - within a paradigm that was now 10 years behind the times. It was only a matter of time for a new entrant to enter the market and quickly mop up the scraps, including that of the brand of the executive freeloader. Sure he had the flash car, with the leather seats and the fitted mobile phone. Sure he had all the right table manners and could real off a million stories of his time and contacts in this marketplace. But he was soon to be killed by a bunch of bandits who couldn't care less how long he had been around.

The days of the executive freeloader were numbered.

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