Friday, 23 November 2007

Information Security:: Time to invest in Defense Intelligence R&D?

Brand Security expert reveals::
We would like to bring your attention to the very recent events involving the loss of 25million child benefit records from Her Majesty's Customs & Revenues Service in the UK. It appears that the hundreds of millions spent on public service IT security can be devalued by a junior clerk who simply put these records in the post - only to find that they were never to arrive at their destination.

We believe this issue serves to further emphasis a growing need for a complete review of information security in government departments and for this review to be undertaken by defense intelligence experts and not by conventional I.S/I.T consultants.

We call for the government to consider investing in exploring alternate security paradigms, rather than committing to shore up outdated flakey approaches to information security.

Whats the difference?
Information Security
- 99% security implementation - 1% defense intelligence R&D

Defense Intelligence
- 1% security implementation - 99% defense intelligence R&D

What is defense intelligence R&D?
Invention and analysis of threats and developing models to simulate security conflict and test counter strategies. 'Defense Perspectives' are designed to inform the commercial risk assessment process. Defense intelligence R&D can be applied to business competitive intelligence, miltary intelligence and law enforcement intelligence.

What is intelligence?
Patterns of activity arranged around a purpose.

What is subversive intelligence?
Patterns of activity arranged around the purpose for corrupting a target.

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