Friday, 23 November 2007

Turning Spies into Assets:: Then back into Spies again!

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
There was no loyalty to the company now. They'd spent two long years waiting to hear as to whether they were to be made redundant, be relocated to Timbuktu or remain as they were. As each new announcement was made, as each new idea rejected a piece of their soul was being lost in the fray, until finally they became like Zombies being made to dance on hot coals.

This was a transient world, where people came and went. A place where people had to come and couldn't wait to get away from. Where parasitic recruitment agents swarmed like flies on cow dung. Waiting for the next victim to fall and the next mug to come along.

Where managers reactived with indifference and served to create an enviroment of apathetic schizophrenia. Yes, nothing was nailed down. Everything seemed accessible, yet incomplete. Naive, yet strangely trustworthy. Believable, yet unbelievable.

Under such conditions we turned spies into assets and then back into spies again.

A Honeypot of apathy really does serve to condition assets!

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