Monday, 26 November 2007

Where does intelligence come from? Or don't you just know?

Brand Security expert reveals::
There are two types of intelligence analyst. Those that know and those that don't know. Those that know - know - and those that don't know - don't know. The ones that know - don't need anyone else to help them work it out. Those that don't know - think they need help to work it out. Those that know - just know the answers - whilst those that don't know think the answers lie at the end of some kind of search. At the end of some kind of adventure or struggle which begins with school and continues right on through their career until they finally find what they have been looking for.

Why is it that some people get it and others will spend the rest of their natural lives trying to work it out - and die still living in the dark?

The answer lies deep inside their soul. Those who never lose touch with the spiritual essence of their existence - will always know the answers, because being in touch with spirit enables the intutitive mind to 'know' the true patterns required to solve the problems. Being in touch with spirit provides the analyst with the perspective of someone looking at the separative world as if they were part of each separate element. As if they were inside each element, looking out at each element. Yet still part of every element in the cosmos. Like a fly on every wall, looking at the scene - yet also the scene looking out at the fly. Like being the smallest atom enables you too see the granularity of the world in much finer strands than anyone else. Which gives you an advantage like no other.

Its a world where we are all one. Where all the analyst needs to do is turn up to know.

And where all other analysts can only stand and admire and say - how did you know?

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