Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Analyst Recruitment: Trying to be an Intelligence Analyst whilst dancing on a tight-rope for idiots?

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
She wanted a designer, he wanted an analyst. Her boss thought that they were employing an IT expert and his boss, the C.E.O thought i was there to take on the role of a commercial analyst. I reported to both her (who was his boss) and to him. She was insecure that my experience might show through and appeal directly to the CEO who was beginning to take a liking to me. He (my other boss) was concerned that my strategic view might end up overshadowing his in the eyes of his boss the CEO. The CEO told me at interview that he (her senior analyst) was an excellent thinker, but fell down on the communications side. She thought my skills would be a perfect match for his. The other senior boss thought that i might get bored there! Fat chance!

It all sounded a little higgeldy piggeldy, but i thought i'd get in there and give it a try. I really wanted to combine all my technical and commercial skills and the do the best job that i could.
About 2 months in to my tenure, he kept saying to me "oh you're not going to leave are you". I'd be lost without you and things like "you know who the biggest threat to morale is around here don't you - you know the reason why everyone keeps leaving - answer = her (my other boss).
Then she kept saying insecurely "(x) your boss is a little inexperienced in management, but we are sending him on training courses, then she said "extremely insecurely", "i expect you can see what's wrong here - i don't suppose you ever get to talk to the CEO - do you?

To cut a long story short - the company suffered a case of internal fraud, which really put the cat amongst the pidgeons, and sent the collective paranoia into orbit. No oddity would be tolerated now. No strange or confused context. Nothing that looked weird or suspicious.

So after taking on a series of emotional and intellectual assaults, i finally succumbed to a series of trumped up charges relating to my competence to do the job.

Truth was, i was incompetant. Incompetant at the start of the process. "The Interview!"

I should have realised that these people were idiots - and that my mind was worthy of a great deal more!

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