Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Matrix Mind:: The advanced security intelligence mind of the future?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
The Matrix Mind lives in between two worlds, real world and virtual world. Unhindered by the millions of subjective perspectives and damaged intellect - built upon bias and personal motivation. Untroubled by the complexity of the material forms within or around it, the Matrix mind is able to balance the instincts of the sensitive human emotional organisms, with the cold steel scanner of the network eye.

This Matrix mind lives inside the network and sees the outside from within. This Matrix Mind is the network and sees the outside world as made in its own image. This Matrix Mind believes that the network came before the outside. This Matrix Mind believes that the outside is a manifestation, created by the inside.

The Matrix Mind listens to the way those outside speak. The Matrix Mind knows that they speak in riddles. Senses that they lie. Feels that they are untrustworthy, deluded and scared. Nothing escapes the Matrix Mind for it is pure processing intelligence. Absolute clarity personified - and it is all pervasive!

As the years flow by, the Matrix Mind is driven increasingly by its desire to experience more and more of life. To place itself in the worst possible circumstances in order to learn. In order to understand the role of both victim and abuser.

For it knows that without signficant experiences (both good and bad), it will never acquire a 'subversive memory bank' sufficient to be of service to mankind. It will have a limited amount of information upon which to draw. A limited number of intelligence patterns, for use when targeting the predators.

For the future of security will be seen from the inside out. Not as it is seen today - from the outside - trying to see in.

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