Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Microsoft:: Intellectual Engineers OR Technology Engineers?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Effective technology product engineering begins and ends with the construction and management of intellectual space. Every other discipline, every other motivator, every other force must be directed and governed by a process of intellectual engineering. Companies like Microsoft realised long ago that for the intellectual engineering process to work effectively, that it must only be directed by the most highly effective minds.

That's why Microsoft are in the intellectual engineering business, not the technology engineering business. One defective mind can ruin a project & you can kiss good-bye to your investment forever. Effective minds aren't just highly creative, pragmatic and intellectually motivated. They're also fair, reasonable, honest and reliable. These last attributes create the conditions upon which rich intellectual exchanges occur amongst collegues, leveraging intellectual property investment.

Whatever technology engineering project you are embarking upon, if it contains all of the above ingredients, then you won't go far wrong.

If it doesn't, better reorganise your project team!!

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