Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Outsourcing Projects::Get ready to hold on tight!

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You may have spent many years and many millions of dollars on projects developing and integrating your staff. You may have reached a point of some stability and are now considering introducing new IT systems to underpin future business expansion. You determine that you don't have the internal resources & expertise to deliver against expectations on new projects. Your choice is to invest in new staff or to outsource development to an external company. You opt to go with an external supplier.
Get ready for the biggest roller coaster ride of your life. Get ready to start giving your independence away. Begin worrying about breaches in confidentiality and having to pay over the odds for maintenance. Get ready to spend the next 3 years in tow with an organisation which really only ever had its own self interests at heart and has a mission to increase your dependence on it - for ever more.
Well, its not always as bad as that, but it can be. Effective outsourcing relationships take time and careful planning to come to fruition. Selecting an outsourcing partner to help with your IT projects is not something you should do without a formal due-diligence process. Suppliers should be vetted for their technical competence, ability to bridge the techno-business managerial gap, possess business integration skills, as well be accessible and sympathetic to your needs. Whatever the size of your investment, you don't want to introduce negative influences into your organisation. You don't want to weaken the foundations of a company you have fought so hard to build. If you are already in trouble with an outsourcing project, get tough or get out!!!!

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