Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Systems Integration:: A Hell Past human imagining?

Brand Security expert reveals::
Your company's value is equal to the sum of the intellectual bandwidth that each of your staff shares with you whilst they are at work. Your company's potential value is far higher than this when your staff are effectively integrated, through educational and motivational programmes.
In the world of intellectual property development every aspect of what you do, from the activities you carryout internally, to the products you deliver to your customers, to the value of the equity your shareholders own, rely on the performance and quality of your staff's intellectual contribution.

Integration of people, information and technology is only ever effective when the belief systems of your team are at one with each other. No amount of analysis, design & engineering will help, unless your project team are firmly committed to the plan. Effective integration must therefore address every level of social, business and technological factor that can have an impact on assuring a successful business / technology integration.
Systems Integrators who have a deep & broad understanding of social and business psychology are likely to achieve the best results.
Integrators without knowledge can cause a hell past human imagining.

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