Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Technology Exploitation Strategies:: Draw your own Market Attack Monsters!!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Technology Exploitation is about engineering systems that meet strategic business requirements and integrating technology with people and information to construct killer business applications. Its about selecting the right developers and integrators and applying effective IT outsourcing strategies and its about designing targeted exploitative implementation programmes that support strategic marketing initiatives.

Yes, you really can exploit most areas of your business, marketplace, customers and competitors just by targeting technology effectively. But by "effectively", we mean, the same way as those vendors who pioneered the computer software industry. IBM, Microsoft, Lotus etc.
By effective engineering, you arrive at technology design strategies that support and energise the body of your strategic vision.
By effective integration you get to concentrate and hone the collective intellectual power of your organisation to bring all your forces more effectively into line, to create strategic thrust.
By effective exploitation you gain clear vision of the target, whilst you begin to deploy technology as a powerful strategic weapon to leverage your strategic delivery.

What is Technology Exploitation?
The exploitative discipline by which competitive strategies are targeted, deployed, and integrated such that they engage, enable and entrench technology firmly and securely inside a business target.

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