Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Subversive management = devalued brands

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Ever been in one of those perpetual nightmares where the world is falling apart, yet no one else seems to realise it? You know, where it seems to take an age for the s*t to hit the fan and when it does, everyone seems surprised - except for those who have long since left for greener pastures or those who gave up caring a long time ago. Today's business is a strange twilight world, where managers are more distracted by enemies within the organisation, than they are those outside. Where short-term patches keep the wolf away from the door and where nights out with the boys is seen as a good strategic move. Yes, this synthetic, shallow, disease ridden business perspective seems to permeate through the ranks of many of our great institutions.

Whilst financial models can be massaged to soften the blow of incompetent management, brand confidence cannot.

If you were ever to measure ROI against brand performance vs revenue/profit, many investors would also be living the nightmare.

Companies need to back brand intelligence up with intelligent operations in the workplace.

It is only by taking pride in the brand, that management behaviour will fall into line with reaching the greatest potential of shareholder expectations.

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