Wednesday, 26 September 2007

EWHISPERS threaten to corrode brand messages in the 21st Century

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
As any editor or advertising guru can tell you. 'Context is King.'

If i whispered to you "do you know, this guy over here is gay", you'd probably say "oh is he - good for him". If i whispered the same thing to you, but in a different context, you'd probably think the same thing - but, would you say the same thing? If the context he used was, "I'm your boss, you rely on me and you are surrounded by the same kind of people as me", when he said it, you'd have probably said "oh - that must be difficult for him" or if you were really submissive you might have thought one thing, then said something else like "not sure he fits in here".
Whilst all the time trying to defend your true feelings, you try make a compromise with those of the crooked mindset. Just so you avoid coming into conflict with the very thing you despise.

Power and Prejudice! In compromising in this situation - you dilute your brand - you dilute YOU!

Brands that allow others to whisper stories in their name, whether online or offline, could be conveying some very corrosive images to consumers indeed.
Brands must take steps to protect themselves from being associated with subversive whispers that with the proliferation of the Internet could occur in any context, at any time, from any where in the world.

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