Thursday, 27 September 2007

Warning for Video Game Publishers

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
The Interactive Software Entertainment Industry is globally much larger than Hollywood. Todays run on Halo 3 suggests that consumers are still purchasing video games at the rate of knots -
but the question is for how long? Video games are the next natural interactive step up from TV or Radio, but as the Youtube, Myspace and Secondlife social networking generation swings into action the age of interactive empowerment is switching to a new paradigm. Switching from the game player generation to the game maker generation. Games insiders are increasingly worried about the number of constraints video games place on gamers.
Todays generation are much more at home with making games to play, rather than simply joining in to play someone elses idea of a game. Top game designers in the industry are increasingly worried that the gamer will eventually take the power away from the designer and build their own game spaces, using free design tools. Right now and for the past 20 years games publishers have been able to make a buck or two from defining the games landscape. In the future, it is more likely that gamers will choose to build their own spaces, using open source toolsets that enable them to build, share and collaborate within their own games spaces, using P2P style connectivity.
Many of the worlds most recognised game hackers are increasingly turning their minds to enabling new open source gamespaces. Publishers would do well to consider this new paradigm in video gaming. See the following BBC article discussing Metaplace for more evidence of what is to come.

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