Friday, 28 September 2007

Digging up Personal Reputations on the Net

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Some years ago we heard of this guy who used his power and influence as a lawyer to leverage his position in the property markets, ie. you might think you were contacting him for some legal representation, only for the guy to turn into a real estate agent or an investment consultant who wants you to sell him your house.This guy had more heads than Hydra, the more that got severed, the more would appear. You never quite knew which hat he had on and what is more, he was a real pain in the ars*.Anyway, to cut a long story short, sometime in 2003 one of his clients made a complaint about him to the U.S legal authority and he was brought to book for using unscrupulous tactics and weazle words to tie the poor woman in knots. Had he not been so sure of himself he might have gotten away with a slap on the wrist, but by then this lawyer was so sure of his himself that he began to attack the whole of the legal fraternity. He used his words to implicate as many people as possible, he used his words to uncover the smells in every corner of the law, finally attacking the highest of legal representatives in the land. His reward - total disbarment from practicing as lawyer. Not a problem he thought, i'll set-up as a real estate agent. No one will find out what happened.

Few months later his legal career obituary was published in full and popped up on the forum of his website.

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