Saturday, 29 September 2007

Best way to predict the future: Is to Invent it. Why?

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
What have Google, Microsoft, MySpace and YouTube all got in common, apart from being among the wealthiest, most powerful companies on the earth? How did they make the big time and how do they remain at the top? What makes their brand more desirable, more trusted, more this that and the other - than anybody elses? In truth, the answer lies in that they all wanted to invent the future. They wanted to invent the future because they knew that this was the only way to have any control over the future. Their desire to predict the future is in fact a flaw in the character of these organisations, born from their founders own emotional security, borne from bad experiences in their childhoods.

Yes, for many CEO's, genius and entrepreneurialship is borne from emotional, physical or psychological abuse as a child. Sometimes all three. Analysis has confirmed that the greater the abuse for these types of people the greater desire to reconstruct the world in their own image.
Such acts serve to pacify the inner child, who is still running away from the subverted image of their childhood.

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