Sunday, 29 November 2009

Death of the Illuminati at the hands of the Hacker - Futility!

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
The Hacker will expose the secrets of our time, until the Illuminati are no more.

Then he will lay down and die, tormented by his  past futile deeds.

He will never awake again, to see the suffering he has conjured.

Tread carefully in anger Hackers, lest you disenfranchise your children from this earth.

Dali and the Mentally Insane Leaders of our times

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Dali used to talk about systemising confusion using a surrealist technique called paranoaic critical method, for re-creating perspective.

He used a device of unbalanced perspectives to re-visualise the world and in so doing, systemise confusion. This device led to enhanced vision, or if not enhanced, alternate vision.

I would certainly argue that great leaders are exceedingly unbalanced in one way or other, which i would argue embues them with greater capacity for systemising confusion. It is the mental unbalanced state that endows the subject with vision, beyond the norm.i.e Use the disordered mind to reverse disorder.

The more profoundly flawed you are it seems, the greater the potential for leadership. At least this is the case for those who lead people in times of struggle or where a massive change is required of the organisation.

Great leaders over the centuries were not born of Harvard or adorned with honours and MBA's. Great leaders were above even those who would bestow such fancies. When i say "above", i really mean "beyond" in the sense that they needed a bigger arena.

I for one believe that people like Bill Gates realised this when he was at college, which is why he knew he had to get the hell out of these limited spaces, in order to perform to his potential.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Human Capital Value - Ryan Formula

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:

Human Capital Value is equal to the combined motivation, intellect and creativity of the workforce at its lowest externally motivated point, divided by the quantity of politics, secret agendas and dumb people in the organisation, multiplied by the influence of the greatest, most powerful leader on earth.
Then divide by 2, just to cover for the circumstances where leaders are undermined by corruption.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Convenient leadership responsibility displacement

Brand Killer Robots reveals:

In a world which has been rocked by imcompetant leadership of the highest magnitude, there is only a place for strong, individual, buck stops here, visionary leadership to get us out of this mess.

Had this kind of leadership been sufficiently present in the economic markets of the world, nations would not now be trillions of dollars in debt through systemic failures, caused by what i would call "convenient leadership responsibility displacement".

"Convenient leadership responsibility displacement" manifests by spreading the responsbilty for failure to such an extent that the focus falls away from those leaders who really are to blame and falls in a way where responsibility can be denied by any particular leader.

This "leadership disease" is the greatest vulnerability known to man.

It is a get out clause for incompetant leaders, who enjoy power way beyond their capacity to lead.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Michael Jackson and his Umbrella Right?

Hacker Intelligence Reports...

This is a poem of mine about how i see the world right now. How i see some folks and institutions who are privileged and some folks who are not. Some folks who can live their lives under a safe, strong umbrella and some folks who are doomed to live in the rain. Its a poem about kings and queens, children in poverty and umbrella'ness.

Crushed in isoloation from childhood
The grown man did manueoveur for the umbrella
Forsaking 'Self' the Universe grows 'I'
Yet, The grown man did still manueoveur for the umbrella

Its sense is strong and bright
It keeps me warm in bed tonight
Forsaking 'Self' the Universe grows 'I'
Yet, The grown man did still manueoveur for the umbrella

What doth qualify your umbrella right?
Is it fame, fortune, genius or birthright?
Forsaking 'Self' the Universe grows 'I'
Yet, The grown man did still manueoveur for the umbrella

Does the threat of terrorism come from black or white, fear and fright?
Or does it come from those without umbrella right?
Forsaking 'Self' the Universe grows 'I'
Yet, The grown man did still manueoveur for the umbrella

A poverty child, a dispossessed family, a mind driven insane with umbrella fright
Who will inherit the non-umbrella world this night?
Forsaking 'Self' the Universe grows 'I'
Yet, The grown man did still manueoveur for the umbrella

So if you are an umbrella hogger
A world bank, A crowned prince, a celebrity, a wealthy
Forsaking 'Self' the Universe grows 'I'
One day you will wish that you had never ever known that golden umbrella

Those without umbrella will someday inherit the earth.