Monday, 23 November 2009

Convenient leadership responsibility displacement

Brand Killer Robots reveals:

In a world which has been rocked by imcompetant leadership of the highest magnitude, there is only a place for strong, individual, buck stops here, visionary leadership to get us out of this mess.

Had this kind of leadership been sufficiently present in the economic markets of the world, nations would not now be trillions of dollars in debt through systemic failures, caused by what i would call "convenient leadership responsibility displacement".

"Convenient leadership responsibility displacement" manifests by spreading the responsbilty for failure to such an extent that the focus falls away from those leaders who really are to blame and falls in a way where responsibility can be denied by any particular leader.

This "leadership disease" is the greatest vulnerability known to man.

It is a get out clause for incompetant leaders, who enjoy power way beyond their capacity to lead.

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