Sunday, 29 November 2009

Dali and the Mentally Insane Leaders of our times

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Dali used to talk about systemising confusion using a surrealist technique called paranoaic critical method, for re-creating perspective.

He used a device of unbalanced perspectives to re-visualise the world and in so doing, systemise confusion. This device led to enhanced vision, or if not enhanced, alternate vision.

I would certainly argue that great leaders are exceedingly unbalanced in one way or other, which i would argue embues them with greater capacity for systemising confusion. It is the mental unbalanced state that endows the subject with vision, beyond the norm.i.e Use the disordered mind to reverse disorder.

The more profoundly flawed you are it seems, the greater the potential for leadership. At least this is the case for those who lead people in times of struggle or where a massive change is required of the organisation.

Great leaders over the centuries were not born of Harvard or adorned with honours and MBA's. Great leaders were above even those who would bestow such fancies. When i say "above", i really mean "beyond" in the sense that they needed a bigger arena.

I for one believe that people like Bill Gates realised this when he was at college, which is why he knew he had to get the hell out of these limited spaces, in order to perform to his potential.

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