Sunday, 19 July 2009

Reclusiveness, Learned Helplessness and Recovering from Depression

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
Reclusiveness seems to be very much a part of what some call
"learned helplessness".

The CIA use a process of torture on their victims that leads the victim to "learn helplessness".

Depression is a form of "learned helplessness". This learning for some is the result of years of relentless loss and failure. You become 'conditioned' by a different kind of torture. A largely self-imposed torture, which is largely the product of setting too high an expectation on yourself, which never seems to ever get realised.

When you "learn helplessness" you want to hide away from the world and become entirely self indulgent.

So i would say, if you are learning helplessness, better stop.

Why would you ever do that when you can think in so many better ways?

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