Sunday, 19 July 2009

Matrix Hackers to crack the David Icke Code

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
We are still working on cracking the matrix. And in so doing, remove its illusory power from your psyche. We have begun to understand how David Icke came to invent the concept of the Matrix and the intentions behind its creation.

There are two schools of Matrix evangelist. There are the deliberate marketers like Alex Jones and there are the people like David Icke, who have fallen into a state of conditioning through particularly difficult experiences, which leads to conjuring and evangelising the self-fullfilled prophecy of the Matrix. Conspiracy plays a big part in this - but so too does depression.

The CIA use a process of torture on their victims that leads the victim to "learn helplessness".

Depression is a form of "learned helplessness".

This learning for some is the result of years of relentless loss and failure. You become 'conditioned' by a different kind of torture. A largely self-imposed torture, which is largely the product of setting too high an expectation on yourself, which never seems to ever get realised.

So you see that the pieces are starting to come together.

We are realising that the very basis for the Matrix is to teach people how to "learn helplessness". Quite the opposite of the message that is conveyed. This "learned helplessness" is a direct reflection of David Ickes own depression - his own "learned helplessness".

We are close to cracking the Matrix for once and for all.

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