Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Illuminati creating Alternate World Order (AWO)?

Brand Killer Robots Reveals::
There is much on the lips of politicians regarding the future of the world and the light at the end of the tunnel, that being the New World Order or the NWO as it is more commonly known by conspiracy theorists and commentators.

But as humanity begins to feel itself being sucked into a central control vortex, there is a much more sinister game being played out behind the scenes.

This game is called "get your money out and then slip into the wilderness whilst the rest of the world annihilates itself".

Under such circumstances, confidence in the world markets would plummet, anarchy would slowly come to the surface and the bourgeosie would be no where to be seen.

Our advice under these circumstances would be to keep a watchful eye on the movement of this elite and make sure you are ready to follow them wherever they go.

You are sure to be safe then.

Safe in the Alternate World Order.

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