Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Chinese Cyber Hacker Threat : How do they think?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
In order to fully understand the potential of your adversary, it of course important to understand their motivation, capability and position relative to you. In the case of those in the far east there is also a philosophical twist that must be factored in.This philosophical twist enables them to see further outside the box than their western counterparts, thus providing them with a significant competitive advantage.

In times of world turmoil this edge will only grow larger.

They are also able to deploy larger numbers of people to the task and such is their level of organisation can focus on a target much more intensely.

Exploitative algorithms, powers of analysis and testing practices can be implemented far more effectively in the Far East.

Metaphor is used to concentrate the mind on the method, movement and ferocity of the attack.

So the answer to this question is not so much about understanding the individual strategies used to mount an attack, as opposed to the psychology of the attacker.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to infiltrate a Chinese cybergang to understand how they think.

It is a sad truth though that not 0.1% of security intelligence budget goes on understand the pscyhology of the opponent and on visualisation techniques for countering new security threats and 99.9% on enforcement of current policies and known threats (or small variations on a theme).

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