Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Human Intelligence - man-made thought prison

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Intelligence, (as in intellect) is a "psychological construct", which mankind has used to replace human instinct, human nature, human freedoms and mankind's faith in God.

Science, maths, philosophy, art and language of every kind are man made constructs, designed to perceive an artificial way of life.

It is not the ruling classes who have conjured the illusory lens of "intelligence". Intelligence was a mistake that the whole of mankind walked into.

Mankind walked into it when they chose to strive to become higher than their creator - God.

People use intelligence to claim Power over each other.

When they think - they activate their intelligence (to whatever degree).

Its at that point - THE MATRIX HAS THEM!

Activate intelligence and you will create your very own thought prison?

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