Monday, 9 March 2009

NHS Stroke Adverts to cause more mental health problems

Brand Killer Robots reveal:

With the introduction of "horrifying intent" within the messages in TV ads, we are beginning to witness just how subversive the people are behind them. In the past we have accepted ad companies may be a bit sinister, but with the recent release of NHS stroke ads we are now beginning to understand just how sinister they really are.

A recent survey conducted on the streets of Canterbury revealed that over 80% of people felt less informed about strokes after watching the ad and 90% said they felt more likely to have a stroke after watching it.

Just how evil is that?

All that for an "awareness campaign". Not an advert about roberry, murder or abuse.

Not even an ad about smoking, drinking or drugs.

But an "awareness campaign" for NHS!

If people think that X-rated images out of some "evil dead" movie have any place in NHS awareness campaigns then it is a very sick world indeed.

Agencies like Delaney, Lund, Know and Warren should be shutdown immediately.

They obviously have some very evil people working for them.

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