Monday, 12 January 2009

Hacker Intelligence Design : Technology for the Progress of mankind

When we think of a Lateral Technology Model, we think in terms of a model comprising three intersecting segments. The Technical dimension, which includes architecture and system components, the Business dimension, which applies some predefined business success formula, and a Social dimension, where social conscious is used to mould the end product.

Using proven techniques, it is possible to mould these three dimensions into a Lateral technology model, and finally into a physical manifestation.

By sustained lateral thought forming, it is very possible to extend and redefine technology models in ways, not thought of in the past. But it isn’t the composition of the dimensions that is most important, it is the joins between them and the methods of extending them. Lateral technology is a way of inventing technology, in a radically different way starting from a completely different perspective. There is no black art involved, and current research into lateral thinking has had no bearing on the techniques. Lateral technique is to do with the identification, examination, creation of patterns.

The goal of lateral technology is to provide society with next generation technology models. Models that comprise perfectly aligned social, technical and business dimensions.

Models for progress.


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Illusion of Time - Somewhere hopefully

Driving on down the road to “somewhere hopefully”
Vaguely going to “somewhere hopefully”
Tiredly thinking through the mists of my mind,
Hoping to see a clear path to “somewhere hopefully”
Cheated deep down by the lurching around, time indicates haste
To the place i call “somewhere hopefully”

But what if i stopped on this path to “somewhere hopefully”?
And decided to go no further?
Would i stay stopped or would i go to “somewhere else hopefully”?
So i stay on the path to “somewhere hopefully”
Only to die and go to an infinite place called “somewhere hopefully”

Cognitive Dissonance - Where the doubt takes us anyway

So you think that we think what you think
And we see what you see that you see
And you tell us you are right
And that we must stand and unite

We move and then we hurt, yet we continue
But we hurt and then we move without realising
And we lurch without grace from place to place
Where the doubt takes us anyway

Powerless to be still
The fear drives us near
To the distraction of fragmented minds and souls
Where the doubt takes us anyway

Memories are a shadow of flight
The nervous energy distorts the light
Ignorance pervades like a disease
Where the doubt takes us anyway

When emotions get tangled with fact
Where facts get mixed with lies and fiction
And people confuse selflessness with self-righteousness
Where the doubt takes us anyway

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hackers unplug humanity from the Matrix

Brand Killer Robots reveal:

Humanity has defined itself by thought.

You cannot use the same intelligence to solve problems as caused it in the first place.

Therefore to solve the worlds problems you need to see the world through something other than thought.


Instinct just is. Thought can be anything you want it to be.

What appears to be "free will" in the thinking mind is in fact "a prison" that man can never escape from.

"The thought mind field = The Matrix".

There is only freedom in instinct.

Remove the bonds of thought and behold....

A spirit free of Thought.

Free of the Matrix.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Hackers: 21st Century Entrepreneurs

Brand Killer Robot reveals:
The storm is no more when it loses its power over you
Yet deep rage and the desire for justice still lies deep within my heart
When the time comes the bourgeoisie celebrity will be hunted down and cut to the ground
This culling will not be done by knife or gun
This culling will not be done by fear nor might
They will lose everything when the profits from their game are redirected away from them.

21st Century Entrepreneur