Monday, 12 January 2009

Hacker Intelligence Design : Technology for the Progress of mankind

When we think of a Lateral Technology Model, we think in terms of a model comprising three intersecting segments. The Technical dimension, which includes architecture and system components, the Business dimension, which applies some predefined business success formula, and a Social dimension, where social conscious is used to mould the end product.

Using proven techniques, it is possible to mould these three dimensions into a Lateral technology model, and finally into a physical manifestation.

By sustained lateral thought forming, it is very possible to extend and redefine technology models in ways, not thought of in the past. But it isn’t the composition of the dimensions that is most important, it is the joins between them and the methods of extending them. Lateral technology is a way of inventing technology, in a radically different way starting from a completely different perspective. There is no black art involved, and current research into lateral thinking has had no bearing on the techniques. Lateral technique is to do with the identification, examination, creation of patterns.

The goal of lateral technology is to provide society with next generation technology models. Models that comprise perfectly aligned social, technical and business dimensions.

Models for progress.


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