Monday, 29 September 2008

Conspiracy Theorists Exposed - The Matrix is a Con Trick!

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
I listen to people like Alex Jones and what i see is someone who is fueling that very fear and separation that he is warning against.

These guys are agents who are fanning the flames of fear and mistrust.

By doing so, they serve the cause that wishes to create as much anxiety as possible in the minds of the masses and in so doing make the worlds population susceptible to even greater control.

The Matrix is a fabricated construct designed to trick our imaginations into believing that it is real. It is like a paranoiac lens or filter that is placed inside the imagination to get us to think that we are constantly under attack. This paranoiac device serves to create fear and in so doing disrupts the internal trust system of every man and woman on this planet.

We are being set-up. The Matrix is an illusory device designed to manipulate the imagination, with some real props thrown in to give it credibility.

The Matrix is much easier to hack than people might think.

We just need to ask. Exactly what is the Matrix?

This is the work of Genius, but once you have the key.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Time for mother to Lead the World away from Disaster!

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:

Rachel Elnaugh - The Fifth Element

I read a great leaders poem with tears in my eyes
It told of great sadness
It told of abuse, injustice and all we despise

As the story unfolded the mother figure did rise
To put in perspective a world full of lies

Material wealth exposed for what it is
An illusory place, which doesn't exist
No real power outside infinite grace
To say something other is a foolish embrace

So, the mother figure did rise
and soften our eyes
She talked of great love
that dove from above

And into a leaders arms
Did the children of the world fall
Now with strength
Now with direction
Now with faith

For the good of us all

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Black Hat vs. White Hat vs. Your Hat SEO

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Ok, we're not saying that all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation are of no value. That everything an SEO specialist does for you is useless and that they are all a bunch of money grabbing, propogandarist, untrustworthy liars. Neither are we saying that SEO should not be a component of your marketing campaign. What we are saying is that SEO should be given the same level of kudos as that of your IT network technician. SEO is really only a technical function, with a limited understanding of how business works, with some knowledge of e-marketing thrown in. SEO is no substitute for CEO's, marketing managers, PR experts, Brand Designers, ecommerce specialists, e-marketing gurus, business analysts, CI analysts, web producers etc etc.

As the Internet re-creates itself over and over in the mind of the consumer, so too do the messages sent out about various roles become distorted. These uncertain conditions have attracted subversive, corrupt and deficient influences within the SEO community - which are today known as Black Hat SEO's.

In SEO terms, the white hat is an ethical e-marketer who respects the policies conveyed by search engine vendors and the black hat is an unethical marketer, who only respects the results of his or her work - and couldn't care less about bending the rules.

At least when you hire a white hat, everything is ok because your brand is not placed at risk from having its e-reputation wiped out by some secret underhand SEO technique, played by a black hat marketing type that you hired.

Problem with white hat SEO is that it is more often than not ineffective, where with black hat SEO the results can be astounding, albeit not necessarily very long term and potentially disasterous when Google decides to boot you out of their index altogther.

Better to consider "ethical SEO" as a component of a well planned marketing campaign and don't listen to SEO's who tell you that search optimisation is the only road to success.

If you truly have what it takes to offer value to the Internet community, then start writing your messages, each and everyday. Start talking to people in forums about your ideas, join mailing lists, write articles for publishers, meet people at your local chamber of commerce, go and speak to potential clients, consider how best to use technology to get your message out.

Believe me when i say, if you truly know your stuff and you start talking to people about it -you will attract the best prospects of all - those with goodwill.

They will come - and the more you talk about your ideas, the more confidence people will have in you and the longer you are around - the more confidence both you and they have in your brand.

Speak out and network and they will come and keep coming. SEO is a technologists 'bag of tricks' which at best has only marginal significance and at worst can subvert your E-brand reputation for many years to come.

Take the time to know your product, identify your market - then speak out with a consistent, relavant message - and they will come.

Position your brand relative to YOUR marketplace. Don't rely on Google's and Yahoo's interpretation of you.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Internet Child Protection Action Group threaten the International Porn Industry

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Someone once said "power corrupts", "absolute power corrupts absolutely". For the past twenty years executives and their security consultants have been on the back foot, with largely the power being placed in the hands of the wiley young computer hacker. In other words - the power has tended to reside (at least in the mind of security people) with a bunch of 15-24 year old nerds, all intent on doing what their age encourages them to do

- "Play Games".

More recently, hackers have been becoming more sophisticated in their activities, suggesting that hackers are growing up and that their intention is less about "Playing Games" at someone elses expense and more about "Making Money". So we have the "Playing Hacker" and the "Making Money Hacker", determined by their intent.

Enter a new type of hacker the "Causal Hacker". Hackers with a cause!
In fact the "Causal Hacker" isn't entirely new in the sense that hackers have long fought for other causes, but these have largely been localised causes or causes which carry selfish intent. This definition relates to causes that can be said to be in the name of freedom and justice and are global in nature.

One example of "Causal Hackers" are a group going by the name of "The Hackers of Troy". This anonymous group, which are said to be based in the UK have the sole mission of protecting childrens safety online. Much of their work involves advising children on the vulnerabilities and threats on the Internet and occasionally get involved with intercepting and handling communications between a child and a predator. More recently "Hackers of Troy" have published an ultimatum to the online porn industry which suggests that unless owners of these sites become actively involved in closing down pedeophile sites, then they too will be targeted and closed down. Apparently this threat does not involve Denial Of Service attacks or such like. "Hackers of Troy" have invented something much more subversive and which could totally shutdown the international porn industry forever.

Hackers of Troy have published a manifesto on the Net. The Manifesto reads....

We the hackers of Troy do solemnly swear that with every breathe in our body, with every grain of our spirit, with every ounce of our will, will we strive for decency toward children on the Internet. We the hackers of Troy do solemnly swear that no stone will be unturned, that no one will be above our mission and that we will bring to justice by whatever means serve this cause, anyone, anything or any organisation that would stand in the path of justice toward all children.

We respect no individual, no religion, no brand, no government, unless they too are true unto the internet children of this earth. Whether you transgress against children directly or indirectly transgress matters not. You will be judged and you will bought too justice by the Hackers of Troy.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Financial System Owners: God doesn't play games

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
We believe that when the dark times come
you will see the very best of human nature
We always have united against evil
and you can be sure that if ever it rears its ugly head -
we will do so again.

Let the silly serpent play it's silly games.

God doesn't play games

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Do you own the Key to Human Enlightenment?

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Many people believe that they have woken up.
That they have become "enlightened in some way".

When in fact they have "woken down".

By waking up - you mean to say that you see the world differently now that you have been given the key - to unlock new perspective.

What you don't understand is that there are billions of keys for unlocking a billion different perspectives.

You have the power to choose which one you use, at any point in time.

But you don't have the right to believe that those who don't share your key ( your perspective) - "are not awake".

After all, they might just be using a more enlightened key!

Counter Intelligence using Bubbles

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Life is full of bubbles - made by other people
Some made with good intentions
Some not
I just used to walk into bubbles
Now i am more careful

Friday, 19 September 2008

Matrix Hackers: Home Repossessions now a thing of the past?

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
As the financial markets crash and burn and governments bail out troubled banks, insurance and financial investment institutions, so to do they afford these bail outs using public monies. These public monies are contributed by the many who through inappropriate financial regulation now find themselves out of a job, unable to pay their mortgages and potentially out of a home.

If governments can bail out those who provide the mortgages then they should certainly be looking to bail out those who have been dilgently trying to pay one - only to find themselves unable to contribute, either through ill health or through job redundancy.

What is essential to ensure the integrity of the financial system, must also be true to ensure the integrity of those who have only ever sought to diligently supply it.

Look at it this way. If your money goes to shoring up the very institutions that you owe money too.

They can surely cut you a bit of slack right?

Its time to say to government : for this reason

Home Repossessions must now become a thing of the past.

Matrix Hackers

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

No Need for AI: Because Human Beings are turning into Robots!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
There are three categories of intelligence, the first one is ancient, the second, 2-3 hundred years old the last one is relatively new.

1. Human Intelligence
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Cyborg Intelligence

In the second half of the twentieth century Artificial intelligence really came into its own with software and hardware robots taking over many intelligence tasks from humans, enabling greater speed, flexibility and reductions in cost, as well helping to expand the realm of science and technology.

This transfer of responsibility from human to artificial intelligence was accomplished largely through exercises in knowledge engineering, using human experts; with this knowledge being mapped into artificial intelligence solutions. In most cases the artificial intelligence artifact is a mirror image of the human thought process. Continued research into brain function will continue to feed efforts to design more and more powerful artificial intelligence vehicles.

In the case of the third kind of intelligence (Cyborg Intelligence), artificial intelligence is integrated with human intelligence to give life to a much more superior kind of intelligence. One that draws on the strengths of human beings and matches the weaknesses of the human condition with the strengths of the artificial intelligence driven robot.

Cyborg integration is achieved through both intrusive and non-intrusive matching of human materials with artificial intelligence driven robotic devices.

The next generation of Cyborgs will not be developed in this way, choosing rather to dispense with integrated Human/Artificial Intelligence approaches all together, in favour of evolving the human neo-cortex to include robotic characteristics.

Such is the perspective of Brand Killer Robots!

There will be no need for AI: Because human beings are turning into Robots!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Situationalist Robots deal only in illusions

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Once you realise that the world is made up of illusions, you really can have more fun.
You really can express yourself in the most positive light, because after all - life isn't scarey because its only an illusion right?

Might as well make the most fantastic scenes and play with those illusions and dazzle those onlookers for as long as you possibly dare. We, ourselves are illusions too and as we dress them, shape them and clean them we should experiment with altering the illusion in the most profound way. Make that hair look wild, run naked down the hallway, tell little fibs for a while and see what the impact is on our friends and on our 'self'.

Experiment, experiment, experiment.

Experience, experience, experience..

Leap up into the air, dance around the pear tree, scream from the hill top.

For we all are just illusions.

For ever and ever and ever more.


Friday, 12 September 2008

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome - This Robot is going Nowhere!

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
My work life terrorised my "self image"
I felt my soul die
But the spirit moved on
Then my spirit was brought to its knees also

The world closed in
The train got faster from behind
The train got faster toward me
And i couldn't get off the tracks

Anxiety, panic, paranoia and intolerance reined
I found myself gradually becoming disabled
Falling away from the world of nightmares
Falling into a state of nowhere

So i sit hear now
Living in the land of nowhere
Wondering whether i will ever get out again
Wondering if i will ever find my way out

Intrenched forever more!!!!
I am a Robot, going Nowhere!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Hackers uncover evidence of Illuminati Agenda?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::


Monday, 1 September 2008

Business Gurus prostitute sacred faculty

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Brand Killer Robots believe that many people get lost in intellectual models that they create to maintain some semblence of self.

In others words, we make things up about ourself, we play to the audience, we invent concepts to satisfy our desire to maintain our essential identity and to create new high performance personas.

The self, the personality, the brand, the reputation and the style are all illusory artefacts that we use to prevent us from being scared. Scared that we may be alone. That we may have no real purpose. No real identity.

We believe that the "quality of vibration" that business gurus speak of relates to the intended attraction of material things within the material universe. Where "quality of vibration" was always a sacred faculty relating to the impersonal freeing of the spirit from the material world. A spirit which is today hopelelessly centred on the illusory self and its numerous materialistic distractions.

The question is not how do we establish "Quality of Vibration", but are we establishing quality to satisfy the cravings of self. Or are we freeing the mind from the illusory world in order to serve others more effectively.