Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Situationalist Robots deal only in illusions

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Once you realise that the world is made up of illusions, you really can have more fun.
You really can express yourself in the most positive light, because after all - life isn't scarey because its only an illusion right?

Might as well make the most fantastic scenes and play with those illusions and dazzle those onlookers for as long as you possibly dare. We, ourselves are illusions too and as we dress them, shape them and clean them we should experiment with altering the illusion in the most profound way. Make that hair look wild, run naked down the hallway, tell little fibs for a while and see what the impact is on our friends and on our 'self'.

Experiment, experiment, experiment.

Experience, experience, experience..

Leap up into the air, dance around the pear tree, scream from the hill top.

For we all are just illusions.

For ever and ever and ever more.


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