Monday, 14 April 2008

Rambo:: A model for disgruntled employees and executive due diligence?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Do you remember watching the film "First Blood " where the local sherrif took a disliking to an ex vietnam veteran and decided to try and run him out of town. Well off course he got more than he bargained for. If he had only just left him to drift into town, get something to eat and then drift back out again. But he just could not help pushing and pushing - until Rambo retaliated.

There is an early scene in the movie where the sherrif accuses Rambo's commanding officer of being there to protect "one of his robots".

To which the Colonel replied - "I Didn't Come to Protect Rambo From You, I Came to Protect You From Rambo".

What business managers sometimes don't understand is that the people who work for them are living, breathing, caring, sensitive people. They are often professional, highly trained individuals.

When these people or institutions depended on for survival violate or betray the employee in some unforeseen way, the perspective of the employee changes from one of "professional under stress" to one of humiliated personality.

In other words, what has occured in the persons life is so greavous (to them) that the whole relationship (at least in the mind of the ex employee) becomes personal.

Many will say, well just accept the situation. It is all part of learning and growing, and failure isn't always a bad thing. But the mind of the employee terrorist is by then transfixed on the injustice perpetrated against him and the target becomes less about the company and the shareholders investment and more about developing hatred (from afar) for the individual managers who served the injustice.

So if you are a manager with a few employee ghosts in your closet, you better ensure that whoever you go to work for - knows about it.

It could haunt you and them for the rest of your lives!

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