Monday, 28 April 2008

The Lost Thoughts of Albert Einstein! The formula that didn't fit the model - Part 1!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
{What Albert Einstein Believed}

God says, let thy man be intrenched. Intrenched in the Predictability of life. Intrenched in God!

For variability exists only in the mind of man. It serves only one agenda, to break and too confuse. To cause disjointed, disconnected, diluted, disordered lives. It serves to disunite man unto his fellow man. To steal his attention away from God and too deflect it towards a colidescope of broken dreams. It serves only to offer the hand of power to the ignorant and the down right corrupt.

No, Einstein knew that fuzziness and variability were illusions, introduced to satisfy the evil predatory instincts of man. To denigrate that beauty and civility that had developed over many centuries. To covertly subvert the laws of nature and to promote injustice and deformity as goodness personalified.

Part 2 - tomorrow.

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