Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Einstein finally came to realise that Science is a Paranoid Fairy Tale!!

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
When man finally arrives at the last calculation, man will still be no closer to the truth.

This is what Einstein finally came to realise.

Man has failed to live by the laws of God so it has conciously sought to develop its own version of existence. But man seeks to manufacture itself in the image of God, without first understanding what that image might comprise. The more man attends to itself by trying to identify, quantify and control the world, the more man loses the connection with God and the farther it falls away from the ultimate truth. That we are all Gods children, living in a world made by God.

We are God and God is us.

Science is simply a paranoiac mechanism (a dark matrix fairy tale) for replacing our faith in God.

We have to ask why?

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