Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Intelligence is what investors are looking to buy in to?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Apart from the usual stuff such as great idea, intelligent and informed view of the market, great attitude, great skills and plenty of evidence that the business is going to be profitable - investors want to see that your house is in order. In other words, your business, product and your motivation could be in great shape, but if there are little political games going on behind the scenes - then they will probably prefer to forget it!

You know...................they really couldn't be bothered! Even if they knew they could make a fortune. There are just to many other opportunities to engage with and why should they be bothered with you guys, if all you do is p* around.

Assess the opportunity, quickly qualify the risk and then decide to put the money in - on the basis of a quick and highly profitable exit.

Its all a numbers game and anything stupid that might affect the numbers!

Forget it...

Too many other more sensible fish in the sea!

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