Thursday, 20 March 2008

How brands lose it - just before they die!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Ok. Switch your mind into a different mode now. This mode is called "Scan".

What we want you to do is to walk into your company and as you do it - switch to "Scan" mode.

It looks a lot like Terminator - where you can see through the eyes of a robot. Lots of graphs and wire frames with flashing indicators on the display. Its like you have xray eyes and can see through the structure of buildings and people, zooming and panning as you go. Get the idea!

So you are in your building scanning and you can hear the dialogue of your best sales people on the telephone with clients, you can hear the discussions in meetings and visualise the data flowing inside and out of your company. In fact you are so wired, you can even begin to hear the heartbeat of your organisation. As you begin to get used to this new perception you start to look for more advanced ways of using these new found powers, which leads you to begin writing and running programs that read and analyse the actual behaviour and emotional posture of the business. So now you know - now you really know how your business thinks!

Suddenly, everything starts to get blurry. The visual display begin to break up and the numbers on the dial don't seem to add up anymore. The people on the phones don't seem to be talking to customers anymore and there seems to be less people in the meeting rooms. In fact most of them appear to be talking in corridors or dark corners of the office. The data doesn't feel consistent and strong anymore and the heartbeat is becoming irratic.

I'm starting to feel uneasy about the emotional balance of the business and our reputation with our customers. I'm getting complaints daily and worst still from customers who are the linchpin of our business. I begin to encounter da ja vous experiences, bumping into people and situations that i would ordinarily seek to avoid. At least in the bad times, anyway. I begin to fight back by changing the people and strategies around me, favouring a plan that would lock horns with the ongoing self-fulfilling prohecy of doom.

I twist and turn, developing coping strategies to avoid the impending tragedy. Building the ego-state of the organisation to cover the short-full in fortunes and to compensate for the deteriation in substance.

Fighting, fighting, fighting.... help! survive, loss, victimisation, tragedy, loss................

beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........................your dead!

Quick take off the mask.....................................Stop scanning..... wake up and see like a loving, creative, human being again!

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