Sunday, 24 February 2008

You don't seem to have any personal integrity: We can't deal with you!

Brand Protection Expert reveals::
Lets look at this word "integrity", because it seems to us that it means different things to different people.

To some "integrity" means "consistency". In other words you are a solid guy. You can be relied upon because you are who you are. You always behave the same, have the same attitude. People know where they are with you... With you.. they get what it says on the box!

To others "integrity" means you are a man of your word. In other words, what you say, you stick to.

To others "integrity" means, you are a man that can be manipulated. Guys that won't allow themselves to be manipulated are guys who are either egotists, proud or of low integrity.

Get what we mean?

To others "integrity" means "you are like them". They could be the biggest crooks on the planet, but as long as you behave like them - you are a man of integrity.

In fact you could be a man of extremely low integrity in every which way, but as long as you are around other people of the same calibre, you will be known as a man of integrity!

So when the man comes to you and say's "you are a man of low personal integrity - we can't deal with you". Better work out exactly what he is saying to you!

Better still, check his own credentials out. You might just find a few chinks in his armour too.

Disfunctional critics!

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