Sunday, 24 February 2008

Reputation Security: Looking at corporate reputation, reputational risk and reputational risk assessment?

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Its quite simply the sum of what all the people and companies below think about your organisation:

Professional Service Providers
Regulatory Bodies & Government

These people and organisations base their assessment of your reputation on the following:

Identity of the organisation
Statements about vision and strategy
Actions of the organisation
Perceptions of the organisation from others
Quantitive Performance, in terms of profitability and profile of risk
Qualititive Performance in terms of social responsibility
Technology, research and innovation capability

Reputational risk is therefore the potential loss in reputation that leads to a series of impacts
to your organisation, including:

Loss of income
Costly litigation
Negative publicity
Decline in customer base
Reduction in market share
Decline in share price
Decline in organisation belief
Higher staff turnover & harder to hire high calibre managers
Additional costs associated with recovering reputation back

Reputational risk assessment is an estimate of the organisations current standing relative to each of the individuals, groups and companies mentioned above and its ability to sustain operations successfully within the current environment.

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