Friday, 15 February 2008

Take care you look after the people you hire. You just never know what they might turn into - in the future!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Having had the good fortune of meeting a great many executive level people in my working life it has not gone unnoticed just how many of them have told me about experiences in their own working lives where they took up appointments and very shortly after, found themselves out of a job.

It seems a great many of these people feel that they were duped into undertaking a role that turned out to be something very different than what it was originally presented to be.
It seems that the obvious answer would have beem for them to do their homework before accepting any appointment.

You might just end up working with the wrong kind of people and this could reflect very badly on your career.

Worse is the fact that many of the people affected had held senior positions in corporate life and still hold many of these companies trade secrets in their head.

As their own social situations decay because of their encounter with the corporate honey-trap many of these people become desperate and begin to change their ethical perspective. These decaying circumstances, along with a society that constantly reminds them of their failure, begins to turn the mind towards the target. Begins to equip them with everything they need to get even. Get even with those who trapped them into walking this path.

The frustration turns to anger, which in turn, turns to rage!

These people turn from human beings, into cyborgs, into robots and eventually into

Brand Killer Robots.

Beware - the Brand Killer Robots are coming and we must be prepared to defend against them!

Take care you look after the people you hire. You just never know what they might turn into! It could be you they come after some day!

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