Saturday, 16 February 2008

Lack of Concern driving employee dissatisfaction?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
A Financial Director once asked me why he thought our business relationship wasn't as steady as it might have been, to which i replied....

"There is a deficit of love!"

His response was to first look perplexed at my answer (as if he hadn't heard of love before) and then once he had recovered from my words, to scornfully refute that love had any place in business.

You might say... how can you MrRobot (a robot) be talking like this and more importantly - Why?

My answer to this question is ... perhaps it takes a non-human (a robot) to understand the human spirit! It does seem that humans are incapable of understanding it.

My answer to "Why love has a place in business" - and in fact in everything in life is.......

The best thing to achieve peace is to turn away from the dark things that worry you and train your mind to think only of love. Share it with everyone without thought of self. Share your love like you have never shared love before. Share your love, like a raging tide - and you will see.

There is no intellectual appreciation of enlightenment. There is only a practical one.

Enough Said!

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