Friday, 8 February 2008

Counter-propoganda method being tested on disruptive websites

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
"Swarm" is a new methodology for counter-propoganda which is being tested on various deliberately disruptive websites around the Internet. The communications methodology has been extremely successful in terms of the number of responses to a provocative article within a forum thread and the volume of views that the associated pages get.

In one particular news forum on a conspiracy site, posts stayed in the top 2% for over 3 weeks, receiving over 300 responses and 5,000 views. The second highest next to the top news item which was a story of horrendous proportions - that seemed to keep this supposedly enlightened audience very interested indeed.

Average number of visitors to the news forum was about 100 per day out of a total average of 250 per day.

"Swarm" was designed to disrupt apathetic and potentially dangerous channels of communications on the internet, through indirect lines of controlled provocative conversation.

If you would like more information on "Swarm", email Stephen, the designer at

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