Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Could this overmotivated character possibly kill my business?

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Much emphasis is placed in business on motivating staff to do the best job they can for the company. There are training days, company presentations, brainstorming sessions, staff incentive trips and team building days where you and your colleagues head into the forest to shoot paint balls at each other. Whilst clearly attempting to address the requirement for achieving more from the human resources available in terms of performance and even perhaps sustained loyalty, what such approaches do not address are concerns surrounding those staff who are very clearly - overmotivated!

Many managers would ask whether such a thing exists and how significant a threat it could be, but in the world of criminality and espionage - the answer is very clearly - YES and YES!

Take for example the crippled manufacturing company who head hunted a senior manager from a competitior, only to find that he was directing operations in such a way as to steer them into even greater troubled waters. Or the analyst who was felt to be an excellent and profitable acquisition by the CEO of the company, only to find he was a mole for a potential acquisition and merger candidate. How about the Claims Director of a leading insurance company who came highly recommended for his ability to get the job done - and when he did get the job done the insurer was hit by a series of seemingly innocous claims, the monies of which mysteriously found their way into his bank account!

What these people had in common (apart from that they were all cheating criminals) was that all exhibited the behaviour of over-motivated people. In fact it was in the noise of over-motivation that they were best able to hide their own motives. So they shouted and shape-shifted around the organisation to create the impression to shareholders that A. they were there to get the job done and B. to hide what they were really up to.

So next time you find yourself witnessing overmotivation - ask yourself ....

"Could this overmotivated character possibly be killing my business?".

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